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When the going gets tough -Behavioural Science in times of crisis

We overlook that in times of crisis the emotional brain – our System 1 – tends to take over. This is a very important factor for every leader in any company. The problem is that crises are complex, requiring the computation of a high number of factors and consideration of multiple scenarios with their cause and effects. And that’s not what the emotional brain is good at. Crises are also temporary, but the effect of a decision – especially if impulsive

and emotional – reverberates for longer.

The aim of this article is to understand how company leaders and managers can deal with crises, with particular emphasis on minimising its negative impacts on employee experience.

Crises are periods of uncertainty – employee engagement suffers, there are multiple financial worries and layoffs, etc. Although these crisis periods are temporary, their effects on employee disengagement and low motivation are felt for a longer time.

Find the finished article in the Diversifi Annual Compendium 2022 here.

Diversifi Annual Compendium 2022
Download PDF • 21.90MB

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