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Bringing BehaviouralScience to Ethics and Compliance

Human Risk

"Human Risk is the term I use to describe the risks of human decision-making. You don’t have to look too far to realise that it is the most significant risk facing organisations in 2020; with people either causing problems in the first place or making them worse in the way they react to them."

If there’s one thing that 2020 has given all of us, it’s an awareness of Human Risk and, as a result, what effective and ineffective Compliance regimes are. COVID-19 has become Compliance-20, as governments have made us all unwilling and sometimes unwitting, participants in the worlds’ largest-ever behavioural experiment.

The pandemic brought out the best and worst in humanity; remember those people who, early in the year, tried to corner the market in hand sanitizer by bulk purchasing it to make a quick buck on eBay? Equally, it brought out the best and worst in governments and organisations as they tried their hand at managing Human Risk mitigation; sometimes well, sometimes not so well. The consistent message we can take from what we’ve been experiencing is that managing Human

Risk isn’t just a case of telling people what to do and hoping they’ll do it. So what lessons can we learn?

Here are just three of the many lessons from COVID that I’m sharing with my clients to help them identify how they can best solve their Human Risk challenges.

Read the full article by downloading the Diversifi Annual Compendium 2020

Diversifi Annual Compendium
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