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Behavioural Alchemy

The Lantern Group Case Study

"For over 23 years, The Lantern Group has been helping companies effectively communicate with their employees. While companies have significantly improved at creating professional looking presentations and graphically appealing brochures, they still have not fully embraced bringing a behavioural science approach to their internal communications"

This is where we help.

Our work utilizes behavioural science insights to implement exceptional copywriting and impactful graphic design to create communications that engage employees and drive action. The impact of this approach can be seen in two recent projects where we were brought in to help each company effectively communicate their sales incentive plans to drive an increase in understanding, engagement, motivation, and buy in.

In one case, a large medical device company was concerned that its salespeople were not fully understanding or engaging with their new incentive plans – specifically around what they needed to do to maximize their payout. The company’s plans are complex and nuanced, and changes were often minor in appearance, but significant in their impact. Our analysis found that sales representatives believed that they understood the plan when in reality they did not.

We developed a pilot campaign with one of their sales teams that brought in a videobased overview of their plan along with a short infographic that highlighted the key incentive plan components. This was significantly different from the text-heavy PowerPoint and Word documents that were traditionally used to communicate their plans. We took this approach because we knew that the video would tap into a number of behavioural science insights including vivid visual progression (i.e., vivid anticipation leads to greater engagement and recall of information), narrative transportation (i.e., stories, like the ones we can tell in video, help immerse people in the information), and graphical recall (i.e., according to a 2006 University 123 LANTERN GROUP CASE STUDY of Minnesota study, graphics have 38% higher information recall than copy alone).

Find out how we transformed clients' business. Read the full article by downloading the Diversifi Annual Compendium 2020.

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