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A Behavioural Science Solution for Decline in Naked Juice Bar Sales

3 Little Cups

Who would have thought, over a coffee in Byron Bay, Australia, a behavioural science solution for the decline in Franchise sales for Naked Juice Bar, Sweden would unravel?

This seems to be how a lot of clients find Sonia Friedrich, over synchronistic meetings from word of mouth recommendations, anywhere, anytime. Sonia Friedrich, Behavioural Economics Strategic Consultant, was sharing the concepts of behavioural science to Maria Collyer, Founder and Board Member of Naked Juice Bar, Sweden.

Naked Juice Bar (NJB) are the leaders in selling creamy smoothies, fresh juices and all-natural food, handmade with love and sunshine in bars across Sweden. The light bulb switched on for Maria when behavioural science examples of system 1 and system 2 thinking, loss aversion, choice architecture, product and pricing decoys and the power of 3 (Goldilocks Effect), among others, struck a chord.

“I think you have just solved why we are losing sales.” Maria exclaimed excitedly. “We’ve been losing sales and thought it was due to a market downturn. We also deleted the kids cup size because it wasn’t performing so well. I’ve had a niggle this wasn’t the right decision. I need to go and call the Board, now! They need to hear this. When can we meet?” A rewarding collaboration began.

By the end of the week Sonia and Maria were sitting in a board room in Byron Bay with Sonia presenting virtually to the Board and Senior Management in Sweden, on the 19 aspects of why Irrational Pricing Wins! It’s a programme she shares with many and it’s an amazing introduction to Behavioural Science because its aim is to make and save client’s money…within a month. She has the proof points to show that this works too.

Find out how NJC increased revenue nudging existing customers. Read the full article by downloading the Diversifi Annual Compendium 2020.

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