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Retail Banking, Investments & Wealth Management

Diversifi members are expertise in delivering behavioural science solutions to the financial services sector. Working with clients such as Fidelity, Quilter, Aegon, HSBC, KPMG and others globally, our team has experience of major programmes both internally for colleagues and externally for customers.

Key Contacts : Ziba Goddard, Cowry Consulting

                    Kurt Nelson, Lantern Group 

                    Prakash Sharma, 1001 Stories


Big Pharma, Digital Health & Wellbeing

Across the network, we have a highly experienced community of world class practitioners that bring interventions to life in the health sector. 

With extensive careers in the pharmaceutical industries, our consultants combine insights into health and behaviour with compelling outcomes

Key Contacts : Sebastian Fonzo, inudgeyou

                    Sonia Friedrich, Consultant


Omni-channel commerce

The retail sector has transformed massively and our behavioural team have been at the forefront of understanding and capitalising on new buying behaviours. Working with retailers such as Amazon, Walmart and Flipkart gives us the experience and insights at the frontlines of commerce around the world.

Key Contacts : Tim Houlihan, BehaviorAlchemy

                    Ziba Goddard, Cowry Consulting

                    Sonia Friedrich, Consultant                

                    Fred Dorsimont, Behaven

                    Reshma Tonse, 1001 Stories



We understand that to deliver a compelling customer experience, the employee experience has to be exceptional. Our team of psychologists and behavioural scientists use the latest models for behaviour change to help transform internal engagement and energy.

Key Contacts : Tim Houlihan, BehaviorAlchemy

                    Kurt Nelson, Lantern Group

                    Sebastian Fonzo, iNudgeyou


Engagement and Energy Internally


The digital transformation of the media sector has been second to none and we've been helping global businesses succeed in the digital age. Working with organisations such as The Dow Jones Group and The Wall St Journal, Sky and O2, we help them navigate a world full of new behaviours, driven by new technologies.

Key Contacts : Kurt Nelson, Lantern Group

                    Ziba Goddard, Cowry Consulting


New Technology, New Behaviours

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