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System I Research, WEIRD & NonWEIRD 

Diversifi members specialise in unearthing subconscious insights using the full spectrum of System I orientated techniques. These range from academic literature reviews, behavioural data audits, cognitive depth interviews, implicit response tests, eyetracking to EEG and FMRI.

These studies are conducted deep in the field and we have extensive experience of working in non WEIRD and WEIRD markets across the world.

Key Contacts : Elina Halonen, Square Peg Insight 

                    Reshma Tonse, 1001 Stories

                    Flavia Avila, InBehaviour Lab

                    Sebastian Fonzo, iNudgeyou 

                    Vishal George, Behavioural by Design


Across the network, we have a highly experienced community of world class designers that bring interventions to life. 

Using a suite of design programmes this team can creatively design apps, sites, emails, packaging all the way through to product and services that drive behaviour change. 

Key Contacts : Ziba Goddard, Cowry Consulting

                    Pedro Del Carpio, Heuristica               

                    Fred Dorsimont, Behaven

Intersection of cross cultural science and design


Global Capability Building

Building Behavioural Science capability is the key to embedding and sustaining behaviour change within your society, community or organisation.

From foundation training to mentoring sessions with world leading experts in behavioural research to human risk, our experienced team can help you with personalised training programmes, all the way up to 1000s of employees worldwide.

Key Contacts : Christian Hunt, human risk

                    Elina Halonen, Square Peg Insight

                    Ziba Goddard, Cowry Consulting

                    Sonia Friedrich, Consultant                

                    Sebastian Fonzo, iNudgeyou

                    John Owen, WDC 

                    Fred Dorsimont, Behaven



Global Local Real World Experimentation


From North America to New Zealand, our team has a wealth of experience of conducting applied behavioural science experiments in the real world.

Using robust experimental design techniques, complemented with statistical significant testing, we prove beyond doubt that our interventions can make a big difference.

Key Contacts : Tim Houlihan, BehaviorAlchemy

                    Kurt Nelson, Lantern Group

                    Sebastian Fonzo, iNudgeyou

                    Ruth Canagarajah, Busara 

Across the world, we aim to create behaviour change that benefits people and the planet. We commit to keeping the following promises, to the full extent of our capacities and judgment. We use our knowledge for the benefit of mankind and with respect for the environment.

Key Contacts : Fred Dorsimont, Behaven


Global Social Impact

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